Gotta start somewhere

Paul Zettler
2 min readJul 19, 2020

I’m a longtime reader of blogger, medium, substack, and other short-form writing platforms, but I’ve never foraged into the writing side of things. I’ve largely sat on the sidelines preferring to listen/read rather than write especially as it comes to things I’m passionate about. In a world where everything we say or do seems to be politicized, polarized, or policed, it took a couple of people I follow on twitter but don’t know personally (Cyan Bannister, Erika Nardini, Jason Calacanis, Maj Toure, Ben Hunt, etc) to impart the importance of writing and speaking your mind. I may not agree with everything they or others I admire say in the public forum, but I respect their ability to voice their opinion and believe the best way to continue that work would be to replicate that effort. For the most part, these posts will be my thoughts on events in tech, investing, politics, and public policy with an occasional reflection or two on past posts and how my opinions have and will continue to change.

At the end of the day, my intention for writing is to encourage myself to write more to improve my writing skills and to research topics and subjects more thoroughly so as to educate myself to the point where I’d be comfortable sending my thoughts for anyone to consume. I hope at the very least, this foray into writing encourages at least one person to do the same.

Chances are, however, that this will just become a public facing journal/diary of sorts where I post once or twice a month, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I look forward to seeing how my thoughts and perspective changes as the times change. For those of you that end up reading this, it’s free and you get what you pay for.